Constantly searching for the next new idea, a different point of view, I am a passionately involved designer, lover of good typography, coffee, and wit. It may sound trite, but, I love what I do. After having two ridiculous girls and catering to their ginormous needs for a few years, I threw myself head first into freelancing and then full-time work again. What can I say, it IS like riding a bike. [Please note that due to the fact that my work was mostly with pharmaceutical companies in the last years, I cannot legally show recent work online.] 

My design journey began in the last century and has taken me around the globe. For six years I worked for a small studio in Boston, USA, then moved to Germany, before arriving in Australia in 2007. In my last position in Germany I worked as an Art Director. Here I started to hone my skills in more of a leadership role. Thus, I grew comfortable managing and organising people, projects and work-flow. This having been said, I have to add that I very much enjoy working in a team, where I can learn from, be inspired, and inspire my colleagues in return. 

Since I have worked mainly for small studios around the world, my knowledge runs the full gamut from conceptual brainstorming, strategic marketing, through design (print, environmental, packaging and digital) to pre-press issues and production, as well as project and people management, including working with vendors, illustrators and photographers. I do not hesitate taking on new design challenges, be they 2D, 3D or digital. Naturally, I am always open to learning new skills. 

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